About iCrewClubSites

In 2002, Chris was a high school student and I was his teacher, colleague, friend and fellow computer geek.  We took over our high school website.  I developed the look and feel and Chris went about learning HTML and php/mysql programming and Chris and I created an incredible Content Management System for our high school website that was state-of-the-art for 8 years.

One of our dreams was to use Real Simple Syndication (RSS) to create a network of school and district websites that shared information and enhanced vertical and horizontal communication. iCrewClubSites is that dream come to fruition.  It is my goal to provide club websites for non-profit service and self-improvement clubs using WordPress that provide a one-stop website for club members to find club news, links and calendar information plus information and calendars from district, state and national organizations of which they are members.

I am a member of Toastmasters in San Diego, California and that is where it is starting with clubs close to my own.  I hope to expand from there.  The goal of iCrewClubSites is to provide an easy-to-use platform for novice club webmasters that always has current information.  With a login and password the novice can post calendar items, stories and photos for their own club.  For the more experienced WordPress practitioner, iCrewClubSites provides a robust and expandable platform.

iCrewClubSites started out as a brainstorming exercise while walking along the Olentangy River Bike Trail in Worthington, Ohio.  I hope that you will benefit from this website and you will consider donating to the cause.

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