Member Testimonials From Stadium Club’s “Testimonial Day”

By Rick Lakin, TMClubSites Webmaster

Our club had a “Testimonials” meeting a few weeks ago.

We modified our Table Topics segment to ask our members what inspired them to join Toastmasters and to speak to their progress on the journey thus far.

Everyone has their own story, here are but a few, for now.

“I joined 28 years ago in an all-male club. Encouraging women to join helped us get away from the boys club and become civil” -Robert O.

“English is my second language. My comfort level with giving presentations and speeches in English was very low. In our meetings, I am not afraid to practice my speeches and say what I need to say.” -Monica B.

“My manager “suggested” that I join. Now, I am hooked and can’t wait for our meetings.” -Ann T.

“When I sit and hear our group speak, I can’t help but feel that I am contributing to the greatness that is here at our club.” Ron T.

“I am a complete introvert. Standing up here talking was once impossible. Now it is so much fun to be here.” -Lori L.


Source:: Toastmasters News

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