September 19, 2015 Sweetwater Valley Toastmasters #3225

By Rick Lakin, TMClubSites Webmaster

Great Day In Bonita!

“Getting Crispy” was the day’s theme, even though it was a cooker weather wise outside! Toastmaster of the day, Bill Taylor, got the ball rolling then passed the show off to our Table Topics Master, Gabe Mendez, for some amazing questions.

We had 5 Table Topics speakers for the morning… Rick Lakin, Andrew Haney, Kat Mugrage, Francois Kuwata, & Stephanie Mikhail. They were all fantastic and came up with some great answers within their short speeches.

After our short 10 minute break, we were ready for showtime… that is, the prepared speech section of the day. There were 2 speakers for the day, new member Hugo Rodriguez and Jake Widmer.

Program Speakers

Hugo opened up with his very 1st speech titled “Learn Something New”. He did a fantastic job as this was his “Icebreaker” speech and now he has a lot to look forward to moving forward, and so do we. His requested time was 4-6 minutes. His actual time was 5 minutes and 18 seconds and he qualified for an award.

Jake was 2nd and his speech was titled “The Best Tool To Build Yourself Up”. He started it off with a recorded phone call with himself and he played along with it and created a conversation. His speech was his 5th in the CC Manual with a requested time of 5-7 minutes. His actual time was 7 minutes and 9 seconds so he qualified for an award.

General Evaluator was Rick Lakin who set the table well for the evaluators for each speaker. Those evaluators were Andrew Haney (Hugo), and Kat Mugrage (Jake). The Ah Counter was Meliza Ilagan, Grammarian was Maricela Widmer, and Timer was Juldia Bailey-Wormley.

Awards Went To…



Recording Secretary is Joseph Mogan!

Here is the video of the speech that won…

Final Thoughts

As the weeks move on in Sweetwater Valley Toastmasters #3225, we are seeing a tremendous amount of energy within the club. Coupled with new faces and the amazing leadership of the veterans, we are eager to see where we will all be led. Growth is good, and we would love to have you join us… our address is 5120 Robinwood Rd, Bonita, CA 91902

See you there 7:45am Saturday, September 26, 2015!


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